Thursday, March 14, 2013


Tomorrow I will be 29. This is the first year that I have felt a little "old." I started thinking about all that I have done, seen and accomplished in that time.

So, by the numbers, in 29 years I have....

Completed 18 years of school
Visited 9 countries on 3 continents
Performed in 15 plays and musicals
Learned to play 1 musical instrument
Taught over 250 children (not including time spent subbing)
Been married for almost 5 years
Given birth to 2 beautiful daughters

And for my 29th birthday...

Today I got 1 delicious blizzard cake, 1 perfect gift, and 1 perfect card from my coworkers...
By the way....I'm a math teacher so that makes
this even more funny to me.

Tonight I will go out to dinner at a table for 6 - my family and my in-laws - to the 1 restaurant in town I like - I'm surprised they even ask anymore where I want to eat for my birthday.

And tomorrow I am taking the 15th day of the month off...not to relax, but to do 1,000,000 things before my daughter's 2nd birthday party on Saturday, where 30 of our friends and family members will celebrate with us.

If the last 29 have been any indication, year 30 should be a good one.



  1. At 40-something (ah-hem), 29 is looking pretty good. Truth is, I am at 22 and holding. Soon my daughter will pass me up; why not--she's already giving me advice about "when I'm older." :) I'm not sure age has a lot to do with anything except that you have had more opportunities to do your best. While the "big moments" do matter, it's the day-to-day stuff that really makes a life and defines who you are.

  2. Don't worry about turning another year older. Think of all of the wonderful things you have yet to experience! I am glad you liked the card, it was too perfect for you. Enjoy that ice cream cake and good luck getting ready for the big party!

  3. You have filled your years full! No doubt the upcoming years will hold more exciting adventures. I like the way you used numbers to tell your life story.