Sunday, March 17, 2013

Something to look forward to...

Every month or so, the Knights of Columbus hold a free breakfast or lunch for the members of our church. We find out about these breakfasts through a flyer that is sent through the mail. Yesterday was our St. Patrick's Day celebration.

Ready to party!!!
Not as ready...:)
She LOVED her lemonade -you can see
the red ring on her face from drinking
from the cup so hard!
Marin had a great time (after her short nap) - ready for home!

I look forward to getting those flyers and putting them on the fridge. I love these flyers. They always have random print about the fun, food, and fellowship that awaits, with little or no punctuation and incomplete sentences. Oh, and the pictures of pancakes (see above)! For as long as I've lived here and gone to this church (5 years) they have used the same graphic of pancakes with a pad of butter on top. There are always a minimum of three of these pancake graphics on the flyer - the same one repeated, not three different ones. I don't know why all this makes me roll my eyes and smile, but it does. Maybe it's because whomever designs the flyers is resistant to change and those pancakes drive me bananas. Or maybe it's because every time I see one of these flyers I think I could do a much better job....but then I immediately realize that I don't think I would enjoy getting these flyers as much.

I look forward to going to these breakfasts and lunches.

I look forward to games of Bingo, where everyone gets a chance to win, and the prizes are ridiculous (one time I got a plastic pumpkin, and another time it was a set of lint rollers). Today, Mallory got a purple stuffed dolphin.

I look forward to pancakes and homemade doughnuts and a huge table full of desserts.

I look forward to the conversations I know await us. We are definitely the youngest adults in attendance (almost 100% of the time), but I love talking to the people that frequent these breakfasts and watching them gush over my children (the actual youngest ones in attendance). All are fellow church members. Some of them are friends, neighbors, and relatives of my in-laws. My husband, both his parents and I, all teach in the same school district and some of these people are our colleagues, including our school district superintendent - who is the one who gave Mallory her new dolphin. I love talking with them all. 

I look forward to the good, old-timey, small town feeling I get and the visions of our children growing up with those flyers on our fridge, and joining in on the games of Bingo, and eating too many doughnuts, and talking with those wonderful people.

I look forward.


  1. I think many of the good things in your life are just that - good - because of the way you look at them! Nice repetition of "I look forward.." You will always have lots to look forward to!

  2. Loved the pictures! Your girls are so sweet!

  3. Your enthusiasm and delight definitely showed throughout your post. So glad you have a place to mingle with your young family. The description of the pancakes was my favorite part!