Monday, March 11, 2013


I have never been the greatest at anything in particular. If anything, I am great at being pretty darn good at a lot of things...but not great at any one thing. I know it's impossible for everyone to be the best at something, but most people have a "thing" that they are good at that other people notice and recognize them for...

Sally is a great baker.

Joe is the photographer of the family.

Beatrice is the stylish one.

In my family, certain people have their "thing" they are naturally great at and no one else can touch it; my brother is the artist, my sister is the cook and a doctor of pharmacy, my other sister is becoming a dental hygenist, my dad is the musician, and my mother is the one that everyone goes to for advice (extended family included). They are all really great at these things and it is noticed by others.

I am pretty crafty, but my little girls' bows and headbands, simple paintings, and craft projects don't hold a candle to his amazing talent.

I can bake a few things pretty well, and decorate them nicely, did very well in school and am a teacher of future doctors, but I hate cooking, am almost never asked for a recipe, my degree is not framed in my parents' house, and my school photo is not passed around by them like my sister's hygienist photo is.

I love singing, performed in musicals in college, and sing constantly with my kids, but I haven't been doing it for 50 years and make a living of it.

I am smart, and wiser than I'm given credit for, and I really do think I have great advice to give, but I have a hard time NOT sharing my advice, or opinion, sometimes, so I'm not asked for it very often (something I am working on).

I love my family for having their "things" and wouldn't want to change or take away their amazing accomplishments. I just wish that I also had a "thing" in my family. I want to feel that same sense of greatness about some one "thing" that I do. I could decide to take one thing and put a lot more focus into it but I don't want to stop doing the other activities/skills I enjoy. I want to be naturally good at something in particular.

A story:
At my daughter's christening recently, my brother told me that his fiancé calls me super mom. She added in something along the lines of,

I do! You sing, you paint, you make're super mom!

I realized that I have taken all the best parts of my family and used them to be a great mom...and what's more, someone else noticed. I have found my "thing" and even if no one else in my family recognizes it because the rest of my family's talents are much more obvious to the world than this, I am going to make it my source of greatness. I'm good with that.

Thank you, Marissa. You have no idea what those few words meant to me.


  1. I am so glad that you were given that recognition for the amazing creativity that marks many people in our profession. If you bring those gifts to your family as well, what a great world you will be creating. xo

  2. Dude, that is so cool, and honestly? That is the most awesome thing to be great at. Love your detail here, your return to the things - awesome.

  3. So sweet! It's nice to find your niche AND have someone else notice it!

  4. And what more important thing in life than to be a Super Mom! I am so glad you got recognition from someone...that means others must know this too and have just not said anything. How wonderful...and your children are the lucky ones. Jackie

  5. I so completely understand this desire to have your own special "thing". I have been looking for it for over 50 years and still haven't found it. Maybe mine is also super mom - that would make me proud, but no one has really noticed that either. Glad you have found your THING though. It is important to be recognized by others for at least one thing. I would also say your "thing" is being a darn good writer!

  6. Wow - what could be better? And I think you are a good writer, too.