Wednesday, March 20, 2013

A letter to my daughter...


Today you turn two! I can't believe that it has been two years already! When you were born I couldn't believe how small you were. I was instantly in love with you and couldn't wait to start our life together.

You are such an amazing daughter. You are so sweet and kind and polite. You can always make me and daddy laugh. Even when we try to put you in the corner for being naughty, your matter-of-fact way of telling us "Mallowy sit corner. No touch da tv." is too adorable for us not to have to turn our heads away and smile.

I love the way you walk on your tiptoes with your blanket around your head...
...the way "May I have some milk, please" is really 3 words: mayI hasome miwk, pwease.
...when you tell me to get out of your room because you need more cuddle time in your bed.
...the fact that the top section of your hair is mostly straight and the bottom has some unbelievable curls.
...the way you scream when you are really excited about something.
...that your favorite activity is reading a book. incredibly intelligent you are.
...the fact that you know your letters, and can count items to ten, and know your colors already - you amaze me!
...the way you say Marin, Marwin. happy you are.
...the way you scream, laughing, and run and hide from daddy at bedtime
...the way you look in the mornings.
...the fact that you still love to cuddle - please, always do this! ridiculously weird you are (no surprise, really)!
...the fact that I know without asking that you want pancakes for breakfast.
...the way you want to talk to Grandma with the phone " up to ear," all by yourself.
...the way you dance; bouncing with your arms waving. when you say "Phonics Song" it sounds more like "thong song."
...the way you help take care of your sister.
...the way you dance/walk in the kitchen when you're by yourself. you love to play K'nex with daddy. you are such a good helper. gosh darn adorable you are!
...the way you put a headband on.
...the way you yell and clap for yourself, still, after 3 months of going to the bathroom.
...your curiosity.
...the way you smile.
...everything about you.

I hope this next year brings you so much more adventure, excitement, and happiness. Know that I love you more than I can stand, and that I always will.

Happy Birthday, sweetheart.



  1. Your piece is well written, but the photos are precious.

  2. Happy Birthday Mallory!

    Keag loved checking out the pictures.

  3. What a sweet letter to your daughter! I love the details you chose to include - so many of them reminded me of my own 3 year old daughter (especially the strange curly underneath, but straight on top hair!). The pictures are perfect - she's gorgeous!

  4. The pictures are so cute. But the word pictures are amazing. So much thought went into the details you chose to describe about your precious daughter. What a treasure!