Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Mallory and the Bear

We have a snow day today! So, we started our day like every other snow day - with Daddy making pancakes. Mallory and I sat down at the table while we waited for our pancakes to arrive on our plates. What I am about to share here has happened twice before in the past week....and we don't live in bear country. Having happened before, I grabbed a pen and paper to keep track of our conversation.

Note to readers: Imagine everything Mallory says with toddler speak (ie: drinking = dwinking)'s more entertaining that way :)

M: Bear!

Me: You see the bear?

M: Yea. Bear drink water. 
    See? All gone!
    Look behind you.

(I look out the window - at nothing, obviously)

Me: What's the bear doing?

M: He's drinking water.

Me: Is he by himself?

M: Yea 
(looks out window)
    Where's bear go?
    I missed it!
    Oh no.

Me: You want to go pet the bear?

M: (scared look on her face) No.
    Marin pet the bear.

Me: You want Marin to go pet the bear? Okay.

M: Nooooooo. Mallory pet the bear. I pet the bear.

Me: What color is the bear?

M: Brown.
(looks out window again)
     I see him eat her!

Me: What is the bear eating!?

M: Bear is eating the treats. (as in dog treats)
     Oh no!
     What's bear doing!?
     We missed it!
    Go pet the bear.

Me: You want to? Let's go!

M: Noooo!

Me: What happens when you pet the bear?

M: You get owie.

And then the pancakes came...
M: OooooOOooooh! Dip!

Oh, how I love snow days...

...and pancakes.

....and toddlers.

.....and that bear for giving us this story.


  1. I love the expressions on her face. The make believe is always available. Charming.

  2. This is just plain sweet. She is adorable and I feel like these little moments will be the ones we will remember forever.

  3. Adorable!! She is so sweet, just like her shirt says!

  4. This is adorable! I loved reading it in the toddler voice like you suggested!

  5. Wouldn't you love to see through her eyes? Thanks for sharing this story. And now I want some pancakes.