Thursday, March 28, 2013

Not today...

Really having a hard time choosing a topic for today. So, here is the list of things I kind of wanted to, but will not blog about today:

My original topic: My daughter's doctor appointment (can't blog about it because my husband had to take her).

*Being too judgmental.
*How much I hate this cold weather.
*Getting to meet a real miracle of a baby yesterday, and how my daughter was still talking about the stuffed puppy she wants to "visit" because I told her yesterday she could.
*The pants I wore today.
*The AT&T commercials with the little kids - LOVE these!
*The awful television I watch.
*How much I detest Niki Minaj on American Idol...and in general.
*The mound of papers I brought home to grade over break.
*The failed doughnuts I attempted this morning.
*How much I really really miss acting.
*The amazing IPad app I reluctantly bought to use in class today and now LOVE!
*Teacher evaluations
*Again, how much I detest Niki Minaj...can you tell what I am doing other than blogging right now? I mean, seriously...this is who our youth enjoys? And what were they thinking putting her on IDOL? She says nothing constructive or intelligent at all! She mostly just comments on their attire. Grrrr...
*How right at the end of my rant about "she who shall not be named" there is another adorable AT&T commercial that restores my faith in the people who put things on television.

Maybe I will expand on one of these later, but not today.


  1. Any of them sound like a topic I would like to read more about. Except maybe the Niki character. Or, maybe she would be fun to explore! nothing like a good rant.

  2. Amen!!! My daughter and I rant over Niki every week. She is a train wreck and if they don't get rid of her, the show is doomed. Your list is amazing, however. Wish I had a list half as long!

  3. What a great list - any of them would be good to write about.
    After so manuy years of watching idol I refused this year - because of she who cannot be named! (love that reference). I have switched to the Voice and I am really enjoying the new judges and the show. Try it - you might like it!

  4. Please share the iPad app that you love! I detest Niki too. Don't even watch faithfully because of her.

    1. It is called AirSketch. We were given iPads this year but we can't sync them to our PCs. So my thought has been- what's the point if I can't use it to do something on my SmartBoard!? Well, with this, it creates a unique website that I open in a web browser on my Smartboard and when you open the app (a blank screen) you can write and SEE what you're writing and in (almost) real time it appears on the board. I can walk anywhere in the room and write on the board, or hand the ipad to a kid at their seat and they can solve a problem with help from their book or notes at their desk. Not sure how I can still have someone use it up at the board, and i haven't figured out how to use worksheets with it (but i know somehow you can) but I can move around the room and write and that was all I really wanted!

  5. Sometimes it's good for the soul to rant. I'm curious about a few things on your list, and may your next attempt at donuts be successful! They are tricky!

  6. I will be anxious to read about these when you have time to write about them. Especially about your missing acting. Thanks for sharing this great app. And I don't like Niki Minaj either - I mean really, who does?