Sunday, March 10, 2013


A certain someone on television Saturday night has inspired me to let some things out.

Okay....deep goes...

I was in 8th grade when my love for 'NSYNC began.

My bedroom, up until I left for college, contained multiple 'NSYNC posters.

My dorm room, although less extreme because I had to share it, contained a Justin Timberlake poster.

All 4 years.

I have seen 'NSYNC perform 11 times...once from the 7th row (yes, I am excited just thinking about it again).

I have a large green tote upstairs in our hall closet that contains 8 binders with plastic page protectors full of every magazine article and teen magazine tear-out poster I could get my hands on from 1998 to 2002.

I have a second tote in our basement that contains all 5 "No Strings Attached" large marionette dolls.

I have an additional, smaller box that contains VHS tapes with an unreasonable amount of 'NSYNC performances recorded from any and all television appearances.

I still swoon when I watch Justin Timberlake on television doing anything.

I'm not sure my husband believes me when I say I wouldn't want to be married to anyone else but him.

After tonight, I will have seen Justin Timberlake host SNL all 5 times.

Whew....I feel better. Now, do you have a confession to make?


  1. I imagine that your husband might be more than a little suspicious. Look at the evidence. But, I also love those who follow their passions, & you certainly have. Hope you loved SNL tonight!

  2. My hotties in high school were the guys from Duran Duran! Loved them...teen magazines posters covered the back of my bedroom door and 1wall of my room! That's all my parents would allow...the confession of a passionate fanatic!

  3. What is it about our teen selves? My first crush was Errol Flynn - I was so disappointed when I found out he died before I was born! After that I settled for John Denver. My best friend and I snuck down to empty front row seats half way through. She still swears he winked at us!

  4. Oh teenage crushes! This got me thinking of memories that have been gathering dust!

  5. Robert Redford was my man.

  6. I am envious of your organization. If only I saved my memorabilia of my first celebrity crush...John Travolta, I would be able to remember him when he had his glory your post and love your own JT.

  7. HA!!!! I love this!!! I love JT (granted, not as much) but I love him! I feel like I know that's crazy!

    1. Not crazy! I totally agree! I think he just has one of those transparent personalities where there's no BS, and he never puts on a show. Not many celebrities like that.

  8. The Rolling Stones!!! I saw them in concert 3 times in the day with one time front row! I will never forget when Mic with a handful of rose petals handed me one! Wow! Wow! Wow! is all can say. Thanks for bringing back a very cool memory !

  9. I was a Backstreet Boys girl. My college roommate was an NSYNC fan. It was a major point of contention, I won't lie. Good to know we weren't the only ones obsessing!

  10. Way, WAY back, I loved the Monkees. And Three Dog Night. Right now I am crazy about Mumford and Son. Also, I am enjoying the way Justin Timberlake is reinventing himself. Loved reading your true confessions!