Sunday, March 17, 2013

The Rainbow Fish

 Yesterday was the party for my daughter's 2nd birthday! We decided to go with a Rainbow Fish theme. Instead of using actual pictures of the Rainbow Fish I created my own fish (on Word, using a bunch of circles and ovals).
The Invitation
Side note: as adorable as her invites were (created entirely on Word), I think I am going back to Evites so I KNOW who is coming.

A lot of ideas I found came from Pinterest, the first of which was the "Fish Bar" seen below:
Fish Bar: Pretzel fish, Foreign fish (Swedish), Choco-fish, Rainbow Fish,
 Deep Sea fishing rods, and Sea Glass (homemade rock candy)
A few more fish-themed appetizers, etc. :
Seashells and dip, and Fish kabobs (red grapes, blueberries,
green grapes, pineapple, cantaloupe cut with
a fish cookie cutter, and strawberries)
For dessert we made cupcakes and printed out toppers and glued them to toothpicks. For the fish, I traced an outline I found online and then used it to cut around with a knife on rolled out fondant. The scale impressions were made by pressing in half of a round piping tip, then painted the one scale on each fish silver - if you've read the story, he gives one of his shiny scales to each of his friends. Rainbow fish, himself, was a bigger version of the same outline, and I cut circles from the extra fondant in each color (not exactly like the real Rainbow fish, color-wise, but I wanted pink, yellow, and orange included, so I did).
Cupcakes with fondant fish
Octopops: Cake pops with tentacles - wanted eyes on them but we ran out of time.
Submarines: Deli sandwiches - Yum!
Sea Water: Lemonade with blue food coloring
Yummy cupcakes! She ate the entire thing!

In my post yesterday, one of the things I said I wanted to do differently next time was designate a picture taker; there are a few other decor ideas that we did but didn't get pictures of (oh well). We had 4 different Rainbow Fish books laid out on the table, blue and green streamers, and balloons in different shades of blue and teal hung up. 

I know it took a long time for us to get everything set up and made but it was adorable and I loved it.

I think I already have an idea for her third birthday, but before that we'll have her sister's first birthday in October to plan. At least I have 7 months until that one comes along :)


  1. What a fun - and super cute - party! Great ideas!

  2. What a great idea. All the food looks delicious!!

  3. I think you could go into the business--beautiful colors, food, and yummies all around.

  4. Looks like an underwater blast! I am sure it was a surprise for all.