Friday, March 8, 2013

The Power of a Day in Jeans...

I love Fridays.

I am going to tell you why, and if you work (closely) with me you should already know what I am going to say...

Jeans! Jeans! JEANS!

I am most comfortable in jeans. I think that this is a lot because of my weight and deflated body after having 2 kids in under 2 years and that I don't own any dress pants that fit correctly right now (but I am in between sizes). I also wear a lot of hooded sweatshirts and they hide a lot! But even on a warm day, in a flowy tank and cardigan at work, if it is paired with jeans...the world is a better place.

It's sad to say, but I think I teach better in jeans.

I am very self-conscious the other 4 days of the week, while in dress pants and a nice top - I just don't feel comfortable - and on Friday, or any jeans day, I am more relaxed...and I don't have to try on a million outfits because every color top goes perfectly with my jeans. Those jeans that make me look skinnier - and a sweatshirt that covers it all - make me so much happier!

And when you're happier you seem to work better....more efficiently....and it can often rub off on those you work with - coworkers and students alike.

So I am going to have a GREAT day because I will be in jeans!

...and since it's freezing in my room I'll be warm in my sweatshirt! No need for a scarf and jacket all day! That makes me even happier. :)


  1. You had me at jeans! I often think the same thing about teaching better in jeans- I am just in a better mood. I wonder though if the joy of jeans would wear off a bit if it weren't for suffering through dress pants.

  2. I can't wait to get into my jeans in a few hours---and will live in them for the next 48 hours! Loved your writing.

  3. There is something about being confident of what you wear. I guess that is why I wear the same style of pants (in black, brown, grey) most every day...comfortable, happy and "empowering" with their slight bit of give in just the right places - if you knwo what I mean!

  4. I must say, I agree with the jeans thing. I still think we should pick a random day of the week and wear jeans....Think about it...:)

  5. Mmmmm - jeans and a comfy t shirt! Or, sweats or running pants. We are fortunate to not have a strict dress code at my school so it's jeans or comfy clothes everyday.

    1. Oh my goodness....where do you work and can I get a job there!!? :) just kidding. But that sounds amazing.

  6. I love jean Fridays. We can only wear jeans on Friday and only with our school colors -- Blue and White. But as long as I can wear jeans I don't care. Oh and sneakers too.:-)

  7. I am already looking forward to next Friday which is a jeans day for us!

  8. I am the same way, except it's about my tennis shoes, not my jeans. I can conquer the world when my feet are happy! Hope it was a good day.

  9. Jeans and a hoodie. Doesn't get much better!