Saturday, March 9, 2013

Thank God for Pee on the Floor

After a rough evening for my toddler (just one of those cry about nothing nights) it was time for bed. Right before bedtime she had a huge accident. She has been in underwear for 2 1/2 months now but we still have an accident every once in a while - which is understandable because she won't even be 2 for another week and a half.

Those uncommon accidents are usually a sprinkle, followed by a run and a scream of "Mallowy go potty!" as she bolts to the bathroom where she finishes in the appropriate place. Last night it was a large puddle, at my feet, as I was trying to defrost some milk for her sister. Needless to say, I was not thrilled.

After 10 minutes of cleaning the floor, wiping her down, pouring a bottle and handing it to my husband, I grabbed my now naked toddler and ran her upstairs. I quickly soaped her down in the tub and then let her choose her pajamas.

I was ready to sing one song and get back downstairs to finish cleaning up, take care of the dishes and run a load of diapers in the washer.

Mallory wanted a book and I reluctantly said "Okay" as she picked one out. The book she chose was titled, "Daddy Loves Me."

Really, Mallory? Did Daddy clean up your lake of pee, or give you the quickie bath, or put you to bed tonight? And this is the book you want? - I didn't actually say that to her, I just crawled into her bed with her and started reading as I rolled my eyes on the inside.

We read that book 5 times. I read it first, then she read the words "Daddy" and "me" that appeared on each page while I read the others (Daddy plays with me. Daddy cooks for me). Then we mixed it up while I read a page she would "read" the next (she knows what some of the pages say by now). After each reading she would say "One more time. Lets read one more time." while she nodded her head and opened it again - this is almost impossible to resist. So, I happily obliged and we read on.

If she hadn't peed next to me and had I not been the one to clean her up and bring her upstairs to change her into pajamas I would have missed out on reading with her.

Missed out on cuddling with her in her big girl bed.

Missed out on tucking her...and puppy...and giraffe...and little puppy...and owl blanket...and Walter, into bed.

Missed out on most likely her happiest moment of the day, and mine as well.
(She was a hot mess when I left in the morning, as she is starting to realize that I am going to leave her every day now, and the sitter said she seemed lost and was wrapped in her blanket all day - I know. So sad!)

I think we both needed that time together after my first two weeks back at work. I don't think I realized it until after I finally said goodnight.

I'm thankful today that God thought "Hey, they need some quiet time together, just the two of them. I know, I think I'll drain her little bladder right"

At least in my mind that's how it happened :)


  1. Haha...loved this. Your title definitely grabbed my attention. I love how God takes a mess and changes our minds. He so knows us!

  2. How wonderful that you could quickly see this was just what you needed and what God provided. Very sweet.

  3. Beautiful perspective! I kept waiting to read how you headed back downstairs and hubby had cleaned everything and fed the babe and all was well.... :) Your story took a beautiful turn I wasn't expecting and kept my attention. Thanks for sharing!

  4. What a great story! I loved how the title grabbed my attention, your gentle words about your daughter kept me reading, and you circled back to the title with your ah-ha moment at the end. Nicely done! Thank you for sharing your sweet moment...and sorry about the pee.

  5. Love your blog title!. Of course your post title is what sucked me in...I, too, have had pee (not on the floor) but right on my foot! Love how you can see the positive shining right though that some would consider a stressful situation. Good job mama!

  6. I, too, was drawn in by the title. Isn't is amazing how these little things could turn out so different, if only.... So glad that you were able to turn it all around and enjoy those precious moments with your daughter.

  7. Glad something so silly and 'unfortunate' turned into such a moment to capture. Thanks for sharing!

  8. The way you turned this around at the end is beautiful. It took me back to the days of pee on the floor and cuddling in beds here. Those days are long gone, but some great memories. I'm glad you captured this and even more glad I read it.

  9. Yes, everything happens as part of a master plan! So dear how she asked you to re-read the story several times....and you happily obliged! :)

  10. This is a great story. SO glad you have it written down, to be read - and reread - over and over. What a very good Mom you are!