Wednesday, March 13, 2013

What good?

What good are you putting into the world?

I am appalled by today's youth at times, and I am still under 30.

The sense of entitlement.
The immaturity.
The irresponsibility.
The naïveté.
The vanity.
The laziness.
The sense of invincibility.
The narcissism.

What good are you putting into the world?

I'm not expecting you to go feed every starving child in every third world country. I'm not expecting you to become persons which you are not. But I am asking...

What good are you putting into the world?

Do you tell your parents you love them?
Do you sacrifice awesome time with friends for time with your family?
Do you donate a dollar to charity when you're asked at the grocery store?
Do you help when asked?
Do you donate things you don't need?
Do you recycle?
Do you accept others?
Do you put others first...often?
Do you smile at people...often?
Do you volunteer?
Do you work hard?

A little bit of good can go a long way. Start small and ask yourself...

What good are you putting into the world?


  1. Great post.
    Today I am smiling.
    I am not being crabby with my kids.
    And I am covering the van with paper hearts while my oldest goes into the airport to pick up her boyfriend.
    She will either laugh or kill me.

    1. Oh my goodness! Love this! You should write about that! That's the mom I am and plan to be :)

  2. I like that you made a lot of good exaples that mean something to the world and not just yourself.

  3. The best part of your post is that you didn't just remind us to put good into the world, but you gave so many good examples of ways to do this! Thanks!