Sunday, March 24, 2013

I knew you before I knew you.

My daughter, Marin, is 5 months old. I knew Marin was our next child when I was only a few months pregnant with her. By this I mean that I just KNEW I was having a girl and that her name was Marin. If any other kid came out I would have wondered where my Marin had gone. Now my husband thinks this is all hogwash, but sometimes, I think moms just know. Side note: we choose not to find out the sex of our babies before they are born - we were surprised each time.

At the beginning of my pregnancy I began reading a book series. In these books there was a woman named Maeryn. As I read, I read her name pronounced as MARE-in, rhymes with Karen. I really liked the name and so I played around with spellings, just in case we ended up with another girl.


The more I read, having to say that name, the more I grew to love it. And the more I knew that if it was a girl I would feel weird for a while if her name wasn't Marin. Sure, I would love my baby, no matter the gender or name. However, it was really strange how, as time went on, I felt like I already knew it was a girl and her name was Marin.

Well, actually, I was set on Maren, but since my husband wasn't fond of the name, I let him choose the spelling. While looking online at the meaning of the name Maren or Marin, I found lots of sites that said Maren and Marin both meant "of the sea," which is great because my husband has lived on a lake all his life, loves water sports, and likes to sail. Then one site I found had the same definition for Maren, but Marin's definition added that it would be "the perfect name for a sailor's daughter." We'll, there ya go.

I just knew that Mallory and Marin belonged together, and I saw them together, growing up. It really was weird. I think God also knew I wasn't ready to deal with a boy's equipment just yet...I protested having to have a boy's diapers to change the entire time I was pregnant as my friends wished it upon me.

With a boy name we had one decided on when I was pregnant with Mallory, and this time around we hated every other boy name but that one. We still didn't LOVE the name as much as I loved the name Marin, but it was good enough. Now, I feel like our next child is that boy, and he's just waiting on us to decide to bring him into the world. And if it's not the next one, I think I'd have to change our boy name if we had a 4th child because it wouldn't be him.

I know....totally ridiculous. Either way, ridiculous or not, Marin was destined to be a part of our family.


  1. Precious Pictures!! We didn't know the sex of our youngest baby ---such excitment and surprises on the day of her birth. I wish I would have stuck by the name I selected. But my husband and I compromised and he picked one name and I selected the middle name. So just maybe there will be another baby in my future I can name Hailey.

  2. We chose to not know the gender either. But 24 years ago that wasn't all that uncommon. Love the pictures!

  3. Love the name and the story and love how you "would have wondered where your Marin had gone" had another kid come out! She's perfectly perfect as is the story of her name.

  4. Oh what a beautiful baby with a beautiful name! I love the story of Marin's name. I felt just like that with my first two children. I had names picked out and it just couldn't be anything else. The next two names didn't come as easily, but are still perfect. As a matter of fact, maybe I have a slice for tomorrow! Thanks for the idea. Enjoy that pretty little lady of yours!

  5. She is precious and her name is a perfect fit! I love the story of her name, and she will love reading about it someday, too!