Saturday, March 16, 2013

A few notes for next time...

**I originally typed out everything I felt like typing, and then I ended up with this severely edited version:

I will post tomorrow about my daughter's wonderful party today, and list all the positives.

But today we have several broken items, including a toy drawer someone jumped into, and at least 1 kid got hurt - you'd think we had a frat party here.
(I should mention that I spent a lot of time in the kitchen today and you can't see the toy area from there)

Tonight, I just want to relax...and jot down a few notes for next time.

Next party, the swing set WILL be finished or we will rent a bounce house.
And if it's too cold for us to be outside (like today), we'll reschedule.
Or we will rent a room somewhere, church maybe, and have scheduled activities.

And I will shower the night before to save time on the day of.

And designate a picture taker.

And drink some tea (or do something) to help me relax even before the party starts.


  1. Jennifer I hear you! I'm glad you vented on here. It's honest. What are you supposed to do- have an insane day and then write about the beauty of the sunset? :) And for the record, I really enjoyed reading your post- pictured the chaos perfectly. Been there. Now cut yourself some slack.. Time to relax!!

  2. Yikes! I never knew how hard birthday parties could be until I had kids! My boys are past these kind of parties right now, but I was a big fan of those "destination" parties- pools, roller skating, trampoline places, movies! Not the super expensive ones, just the ones that were somewhere besides home!

  3. I love the frat party analogy. Sometimes it seems like that.

  4. I hate when you can't enjoy yourself as the hostess. It's even worse when the people messing up your house are adults (I've experienced this a time or two). Glad you were able to let it all out!

  5. Every experience we have teaches us a lesson. Sounds like you learned a lot - and had fun, too.