Tuesday, March 18, 2014

A follow up to yesterday...

After 3 hours at Walmart tonight, we came home exhausted and hungry and started unpacking the ridiculous amount of purchases.

Then Marin was in the trash and we went to clean that up.

She made her way to the fridge.


And after that, we all had scrambled eggs for dinner (by the way, that is the largest frying pan we own and there were still leftovers).


  1. Love the hands of a one year old!

  2. My first thought to this slice is woah...3 hours in Walmart. I wouldn't be able to recover from that alone. Since you know my love for said place. :) my second thought....I can relate to the egg problem. Only difference is my 32 year old husband caused us to eat a ridiculous amount of eggs one evening. :)