Monday, March 17, 2014

Welcome to crazy town!

My daughter Marin is a ball of energy at 17 months. She is non-stop all the time! 

She was all Over yesterday so I decided to keep track of what she did in 5 minutes. This is what she did yesterday in (literally) 5 minutes:

Got some coloring books out
Got out the lids to the homemade baby food containers

Cried because we put them away

Went straight to the garbage and pulled out a walmart bag

Walked over to the table once we shut the trash and pulled down this bowl if ribbon

Went back into the kitchen for some crackers

I told her no and gave her the bowl of crackers she had from earlier and they fell on the floor

So I put them back in the bowl and she dumped them out on purpose

So I took them away and used the dirt devil, put it on the counter and she went after it

Told her no and so she went to the fridge asking for a snack

So I let her have a string cheese

She devoured the string cheese

Saw she was on a "Scout" book and decided to catch up on her reading

And then after a few minutes of that she started playing in the dog water. I was too slow for a photo of that.

She can be quietly eating her vegetables and then out of nowhere her arms are flinging food everywhere.

Just yesterday at a church lunch she was on my lap coloring quietly and without warning, she was flinging crayons everywhere.

She's not mad or frustrated, I think when she's bored it's something fun to do!

I seriously couldn't move fast enough yesterday to take those photos. She is a handful but she is SUCH and ADORABLE handful :)
P.S. The sitter chose her outfit today ;)

Aaaaaaaaaaand this is her right now...with a plate on her head.
 Oh my. She is fabulous. :)


  1. Isn't it fun to observe when those babies become mobile and interested in everything? You did a great job of watching, parenting, photographing AND cleaning all at the same time! Marin is adorable!

  2. Man she really can get a lot accomplished in 5 mins time! Love the photos to document the five minutes. I also feel like the sunglasses really make her outfit for today pop. What a fashionista. :)

  3. Loved he documentation of how active she really can be. It must be something about the second child.