Sunday, March 9, 2014

New computer

So we need a new computer.

We have a laptop right now that freezes regularly. It is extremely annoying especially when you are trying to get work done.

It's totally our own fault, too.

We leave the laptop on our living room ottoman and our one year old is often found having opened it and pounding on it-see an example of this from a month ago below:

We are actually considering an all-in-one that will obviously stay at our kitchen desk area. I'm hoping it will last longer than this poor laptop!

Yea, she gets pretty proud of herself.


  1. Today I'm commenting on blogs I've never seen before. Ended up looking at your photo website. Great pics. The smile on your daughter is gorgeous. Good luck with the new computer.

  2. What an adorable smile on her face...she knows she's broken it...and you are not going to yell at her!

  3. Maybe the girls need a computer to pound on for play. It might keep the new computer save.

  4. How adorable those sweet pics are! I love it. I am currently on my persnickety laptop and it is driving me bananas. Sweet slice.

  5. I guess your daughter knows that a laptop is coming her way as soon as you get a new one!