Wednesday, March 26, 2014

My creepy daughter

Make no mistake, I love everything about my daughter Mallory.

However, she can be really creepy sometimes. 

She doesn't have play time with other kids any more than once a week, if that. So, when she is around other kids sometimes she gets too close and right in their face and it's kinda hilarious, but also kinda creepy.

Then there are her kisses. I blame this on the princesses.

We are affectionate at our house- hugs and kisses all around, but Mallory wants to kiss like a princess...not good. She wants to put her hands on your face and give long creepy long kisses. And not just with us, with anyone she is supposed to say goodbye to. She doesn't quite understand why this isn't okay so we do our best to explain...

Kisses are for mommies and daddies, not friends.
Short kisses, honey. Short kisses.
We don't touch peoples' faces.
Let's give a high-five to our friends!

She just doesn't understand.

My husband and I laugh about it, but secretly we really hope she'll figure it out soon.

Love her. But I could totally live without the creepy kisses. :)


  1. Love the image of the 'creepy kisses'.

  2. My daughter liked to do that too! It was very hard to explain when we were out.
    P.S. she did grow out of it. :-)