Sunday, March 30, 2014

Today was a good day.

Today was a good day.

First if all, BOTH girls slept in. Thank goodness!

We met my husband's mother for breakfast this morning. Usually his dad and my sister are there but he was in Indy visiting his uncle and she was working. I love being with "everyone" but it was nice to have a quiet brunch today.

Then we took the recycling to the local drop-off dumpsters. Exciting, I know.

When we got home John vacuumed and I did some spring clothes swap-out in the girls' rooms.

Then we went to a birthday party and had a really good time. I got to catch up with a friend I haven't seen in a while so that was nice.

Then we came home and I packed the girls clothes for spring break- and I totally used the "put each outfit in a ziplock bag" method I've seen a million times on Pinterest. I honestly think it will be a million times easier for everyone involved.

Then I got to take a nap!!!! It was glorious!

When the girls woke up we all went outside for a while and it was so so nice. They had a great time.

My sister brought home pizza for dinner. No cooking is always good. Then the girls had baths and we all got them ready for bed.

Nothing extraordinary happened today. But today was a really really good day and I am glad for it.

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  1. You know it's going to be a good day when the kiddos sleep in. That's WONDERFUL! (I long for that.)