Friday, March 7, 2014

Rule breakers and rule followers

We all know that in life there are rule followers and rule breakers. 

I am a rule follower.

In first grade I had my name put on the board for talking...ONE time...and I was NEVER going to let that happen again. I never drive without my license. I never hand out candy at school because we're not supposed to. I drive the speed limit and wear my seatbelt and have never gotten a ticket. 

I follow the rules.

I don't get in trouble. 

I enjoy doing the right thing.

Tonight, once again, I am doing the right thing.

Our principal signed up our school to volunteer to do concessions at the sectional basketball game, and sent out a couple emails asking everyone for help. 

I, and the other 4 ladies in my grade level/hallway, volunteered for a shift because we knew it was the right thing to do.

No one else in our entire building volunteered. K-8. Not one.

It wasn't mandatory but we wanted to do the right thing and help out.

Sometimes I think I'd rather be a rule breaker- for Christmas I got all of us matching bracelets with different sayings inside. Here is mine:
...but I just can't seem to.

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  1. Great slice. As you know I am a rule follower right along with you. It is crazy still to me how our night turned out, too. I meant to wear my bracelet today and forgot it on the dresser! I do love it.