Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Year 31

My birthday is Saturday. I will be 30. 

I'm not someone who is dreading the day I turn 30. I'm excited for it. I love my birthday. 

I really just want to have a good day. Is that so much to ask? Some years, many years, I feel like that IS too much to ask. 

I just deleted 4 paragraphs about awful birthdays I've had and my plans for Saturday and the negative things I will be expecting to happen. Have I always been so pessimistic?

I think I probably have been. 

Even though I never wanted to be. 

If you ask me I'd always say I'm optimistic. Instead, actually, I think I am just hopeful. Always hoping for the best, but almost always disappointed it seems.  It wears on me.

Again, I am going to hope for the best for Saturday night. Hope for the best in year 31.


  1. Jennifer,

    Make plans with a friend to do something you want to do for your birthday. You can do it early, late, or even on your birthday.

    Be proactive! You can make it be the best day of the week by setting aside some time for yourself!

    Go for it!

  2. I always have my optimistic/pessimistic gauge on high alert as well. I hope you have the best birthday matter what is planned or not planned. May you be showered with blessings. Happy Birthday Jennifer.

  3. Happy birthday! It's true what they say, you know, your 30's are the best! Enjoy!

  4. Happy early birthday! Live it up and enjoy every second. Things still look up even at 30.

  5. It's fun when your birthday is on the weekend instead of a school day. Hope it's a day filled with delight from dawn to dusk! Happy B-day a few days early!