Saturday, March 29, 2014


Our 3 year old has a very specific bedtime routine.

She brushes her teeth and uses the bathroom first.

Then she picks out her jammies and gets the lotion out (she has awfully dry skin). She pumps it into her hands and does her arms first, then I (or my husband) must put 2 dots on each leg and she rubs it in. Then is belly and back, and she can put her shirt on and get into bed.

Mallory has 7 blankets she sleeps with.

She had a few less but when Marin was born people gave us blankets for her, and Mallory stole them.

They MUST be laid the right way when she goes to bed. She chooses "Polka dots up" or "polka dots down" and that determines the direction of the remainder of the blankets.

The order is always the same:
Polka dots
Pink polka dots 
Flower blanket (which is her comforter)

We then read a book or two (usually the same one for a month or so). 

She requires two kisses and two hugs before going to bed.

I still haven't decided if this is crazy or just her being a normal 3-year old who is trying to assert her own independence and gain some control when so much of her life is controlled by us. 

I guess we'll find out for sure if she's still doing this at age 10! :) 


  1. I vote for normal. It sounds like these rituals of her are what she needs to sleep. The routine comforts her. Right now, she doesn't like change. Also, she must really want the time and attention from you.

  2. This was such an adorable slice! your daughter sounds precious. Great ending - loved it!!

  3. I vote normal. We have our own sayings and routines that I think are crazy but the kids need them. So awesome that each kid has their own routine. Great slice!!

  4. Ha! This makes me laugh. I imagine every child goes through this, I know for sure mine has. :-) She is quite particular in her likings and we are just along for the ride. Great slice!