Saturday, March 8, 2014

Princess takeover

Our girls love their princesses. Even our 17 month old lives them. And u refuse to let them run our lives.
We TOTALLY limit the amount of princess stuff. Princess books are A-okay. Princess toys, in moderation are fine too, as long as they are high quality - not trying to sound like THAT person but if you are going to buy my kid a princess toy I'd rather it be one really nice item and not 20 dollar store plastic ones.
The girls have ONE princess dress. Shoes or clothing with princesses, or any character, is not allowed. I just really don't like them!

Today we are on our way to Pricesses (and Heroes) on Ice. Surprisingly this was my husband's idea and he hates princess crap more than I do! 

Our oldest, Mallory, is pretty excited:

Okay so it IS nap time right now. But she really is excited. She loves the princesses and has been talking about seeing Princesses on ice since the first day we mentioned it.
 We bought her some glass slippers a few weeks ago and you would have thought we bought her a pony covered in kittens surrounded by ice cream with sprinkles. It was that amazing for her. 

Here is some of them AT the show:

Mallory, did you like the princesses?

Yea! Uh-huh!

And my husband enjoyed it too! It really was a good show.

But he still is a little against Disney World...we're wearing him down, I think ;)

Still...I'm glad the girls got some princess time without any more princess crap coming home with us :)

And now to the Olive Garden!


  1. Before I had a child, I was anti-princess. And my daughter, it turns out, does not like them. Some girls just don't, but many do. And I think we have to honor them and their interests. As long as we talk to them about body image and agency when we watch the films (when they are old enough to understand). We're here to guide them through.

    Thanks for sharing the picture of the little one staring at the ice. It reminds me of when we attended Nemo on Ice when my daughter was two. I looked at her more than the skaters. Princesses, fish, cars, who cares. That look is priceless!

  2. What is it about girls and those princesses??? I have done nothing to encourage it. Grandma and Nana get all the blame/credit, along with a friend you introduced my daughter to dressing up. Yet, my daughter is at this very moment sleeping in a princess nightgown that has become her favourite piece of clothing. Have a hard rule about that dress/nightgown not leaving the house, but she wears it at home all the time! It really has been a natural attraction for her.

  3. I shall never experience this with my own children. However, there is something about boys and their superheroes. This is something I will NEVER understand.

  4. I thought about attending this princess show on ice but I was not willing to interrupt nap time. Maybe next year!
    I was never excited about princesses so I am completely baffled at how universally little girls obsess about them. I'm relieved that my daughter can love princesses and still be a strong-willed, independent and out-going girl (at least so far--she's only 3!). Thanks for the photos!