Saturday, March 22, 2014

Party TIme

Today was my daughter's 3rd Birthday party.

We had such a great time today! Even after spending the ENTIRE morning constructing a Rapunzel tower cake....I actually love doing that stuff :)

I like doing themed parties. I like doing crafty things. I also feel like I need to "up my game" a bit, since we have a lot of family members that drive almost 3 hours to come to our kids' birthday parties. Part of me feels like it wouldn't be right to do a "cake and ice cream and out the door" kind of party. I at least HAVE to feed them, and I know they enjoy the themes, too.

Below are some photos from the day:
You might not be able to see but we had Flynn Mints (thin mints), Maximus Mega Salad, Tangled Hair Pasta, Rapunzel's Cinnamon Braids (pizza dough braided and topped with cinnamon sugar), Pascal's party dip, and Magical Golden Flower Juice (lemonade).

The painting will go in Mallory's room soon.

My husband hung 30-some lanterns from fishing line into our front foyer.

We had the kids paint their own canvases to take home. This is my Mallory painting away :)

Mallory's friends painting.

Marin had a great time, too!

I KNOW she had a wonderful time and I think we all did, too. Can't wait until next year - still working on a theme, though ;)

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  1. ADORABLE pics! I love doing parties for my peanut...never been brave enough to tackle a cake though. Great job!