Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Small Business Marketing

Tonight I am working on 600 inserts to be put into goody bags at a local children's resale. 

I have volunteered several times at these resales and this sale, I, (well, my photography business) sponsored a family - this provides a voucher to a needy family to use at the sale. That makes me feel good, but putting these things together is taking FOREVER! When you sponsor you are allowed to provide something to insert into 600 goody bags that are handed out to the first 600 customers. 

Sure, I could have just put in my business cards, but I've gotten these goody bags before and if I'm going to participate I'm going to need to be a little more strategic than tossing in a card that I know I never really look at much.

Here's my insane thought process:

Business cards are a must.
But I need to attach something because I don't usually look at the single cards in the bag.
So...what to attach?
Well, I need to make it a coupon of sorts. I always hold on to the coupons in the bag a little bit, just in case I want to use them.
Discounts are nice but might take a large chunk of my already not so big profit. 
Free is better. Everyone likes free.
I'll make it a free 8x10! I would be more inclined to look at a business/photographer's website if I might get something free, versus just seeing the card, right?
(Then I started cutting)
I have my logo at the top if this paper but when stapled you don't pay attention to the back of the card- problem because my info is on the back!
Solution...I cut off the logo on the paper so the card covers the words on the paper and you have to lift the card SO much to see the whole sentence you can't help but notice the back of the card!

Ugh...now I just need to keep cutting...and cutting...and stapling... :/


  1. This is so characteristic of myself. A picture in my mind and then come hell or high water, I am going to make it happen. :-) Happy cutting!

  2. I loved seeing inside your thought process. Good luck with your new business. I know the free photo has gotten us to take another look at a photographer--and buy more pictures, too.

  3. Great strategy! I would definitely give your website a second look. I am sure you have some adorable kids on that website.

  4. Keep going...the work will pay off!

  5. Great idea!! Always thinking! :)