Saturday, March 1, 2014

A conversation with myself...

(Note: At any point in time I am both of these people! But aren't we all?)

It's March. 



You have GOT to be kidding me. It is 29 degrees outside.

It is definitely March. "In like a lion," right?

Yea, in like a lion, not "in like a rabid wolverine!"

It's not that bad. How can you appreciate the sun without the rain? How can you appreciate the light without the dark? How can you appreciate the spring without the winter?

I'm pretty sure I can appreciate them all just fine. How my ancestors decided the Midwest was the place to move and stay is beyond me! And now we're stuck here. 

You COULD just move to a warmer state, or even another country.

Let's get real, unless my entire extended family is moving, we're not going anywhere. So now my children are doomed to the same fate as I; a life of cold weather for more months than there is warmth. AND my birthday is in March. Right in the middle. So I was never able to plan for an outside birthday party! I love being outside. And all my friends had birthdays in nice months so they had party activities outside. And now my daughter has a March birthday and I've willingly cursed her with never being able to really PLAN a party outside.

Sounds like you've got some real problems there.

You don't even know. You Don't. Even. Know.

You do realize that spring WILL come, right? Like it WILL eventually get warmer outside.

Not soon enough...


  1. It was fun to have a peek at one of your conversations with self :) I feel like the only one who does so...
    I am also a warm weather gal, a lizard on a rock soaking up the heat.
    And with family transplanted to colder areas, it's hard not to stay in this chilly and frosty doom. However, I'm learning that the seasons are so energizing. A chance to renew.

  2. What a conversation! Love it. I too live in the Midwest with no hopes of leaving. But I love cold. I'll trade ya my summer birthday :-) welcome to slicing!