Thursday, March 6, 2014

I "saw" him again...

For the past couple months my sister has been living with us. I love having her around for lots of reasons, and I miss her when she's gone.


I miss talking to my husband.

When she's here, it's like your best friend has come for a sleepover, every night...but a best friend who helps with the dishes and changes diapers, too! We talk about my school stuff and her work stuff and the kids and the Bachelor. But because she's here, I don't talk to my husband as much and I didn't realize how much I was missing it.

My sister went back to Illinois yesterday afternoon. My husband and I talked all afternoon and at dinner about our school stuff (both teachers) and about the kids and our schedules. Nothing too fantastic but it was wonderful.

Today we just spent the last 45 min talking about how funny our youngest is and watching her giggle and talking about school again...
...and again, it was wonderful. I love my sister but my husband is my best friend and I haven't "seen" him in a long time. You know what it's like when you see your best friend after a long time...that's what this was like. 

It is so great to hang out with him again.


  1. You are so blessed. I have a best friend in my husband, too. We make a point of having date night once a week. Even if we don't talk, we are staying connected. So important in the long run. We are going on 32 years!

  2. Marriage is like that. After time, we see him again and what we fell in love with and who he has become. I haven't been doing a very good job of showing my husband he is important to me lately. Thanks for the reminder.