Thursday, March 20, 2014

Happy Birthday Mallory

Today is my daughter Mallory's 3rd Birthday.

And I really really regret not taking the day off.

The past two birthdays, as well as her sister's one birthday, I have taken off work. I get to spend the day enjoying my daughters and today, I didn't do that. I already needed to take off two half days next week, and a few more in April and a couple in May for a wedding. I just felt like that was too many days too close together, and to add in one more day would be too much. Plus I had a million things to do at school!

Still, I really regret not being here with her, and I don't think I will ever skip a birthday with her again!

After school I threw her and her sister in the bath and took some photos. Here are a few that I was able to get edited tonight:

She is having a Rapunzel party so we got her a stuffed Pascal as one of her gifts :)

This is what SHE picked out to wear outside - That girl loves her shades!!

Oh I love her SO much and she is such a wonderful little girl. Seriously can't get enough of her :)

Happy Birthday Mallory!!

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